FIFA 18 manager model experience, take C Luo players actually rejected each other

FIFA 18’s manager model compared to the previous or there are many improvements, after playing for a while, can only be very tired heart. The biggest feeling is that the transfer becomes more difficult. This mode of manager for the transfer frequency is much lower than before. Mainly reflected in two aspects, one for the seller asking price thieves, the second is an unreasonable trading chips logic. The former is better, while the latter is a big hit for players who want to make radical changes to the team.

First of all, say “selling people” this piece.
Due to limited time, and has been in a different file test, I have not tried listing to see the seller. However, based on feedback from other players and their own short-term experience, listing is likely to be unattended, and second, the old players are hard to sell, feel the current trading system, the other would rather be a Nacho, Vazquez this young player Do not Ramos C Lo this big, of course, the price is linked with the player’s value, but the market appeal feel more cut. As a youth army opposed to veteran feelings sent, a lot of bad or not in the long-term plan of player compensation can not throw out!
Second, talk about the player trading (exchange) problem.

Similar to what was said before, the president, Shu Yeh (and possibly Modric, etc.) simply can not change people. I want to buy Barley, Manchester United to the left winger, I take C Luo, others do not! Look down! This is the weight of the transfer strategy of the problem, and now the demon premium, then the price of age in determining the weight can be high, but the decision will be less market appeal, after all, high-risk.
2. The position just look at the first position on paper, then Juve management can not provide to the need for the striker seller Dibara, Manchester United and can not Mashala and La Master forward trading, Real Madrid can not Bell, Assencio, Vazquez and others sell to the left winger (including left avant-garde) team, and like Dexi Liao and Mashala above the master, their second position may not be worse than the first position, or even May be better! However, as long as the other party to make a clear request, then I can choose the player was limited. Combination of the first article of the situation, looking for Manchester United buyers, genuine left winger on a C Luo, others do not, but also can not choose other similar positions, so this business Real Madrid can not use the substitution pattern. To solve the channel feeling should be “position range (not limited to” first “) instead of a clear position, such as the front players (striker + front + wing front), midfielder (front + mid + back waist) Field players (back waist + defense line), the sidewalk player (winger + edge avant + wing guard + edge guard), plus “can be qualified for a specific location” is the exact position the other party actually want to reinforce, players in the position Ability of not less than 95% of the value of the player’s own ability can be, supplemented by the player grade, such as “top players”, “main level”, “Rotating power”, “future reserves” and so on.
3. The seller limited the range of players to a single position. First, I’m guessing that the seller expects players to be swapped for the most recent player’s departure but may be the weaker bench or main + bench. If the former, the summer that only reinforce the loss but not reinforcing the team in the signings strategy may be biased, that “I do not want”, if this logic is dominant, I think this generation of transfer AI change very failed; if the latter, then in general a team should be more than one position need to be reinforced, such as my Real Madrid center-back, right back and forward, Manchester United right winger, left back, Juventus defender (both sides Decilio can play both sides and the actual right debut), so the seller should not have only one type of chips. Moreover, the current shortage of talent such as right-back position, especially in the buyer itself is not enough, for the sake of win-win situation, the seller should not choose to exchange for the right back of the chips (of course, transfer operation so lift Price or change for a better chip that is another matter). At the same time, AI should also consider the status of the team after the transaction is completed. To Real Madrid for example, Real Madrid is only right-back position is really stretched, with his team to buy Varane, Real Madrid non-right-back chips do not, the results after the transaction, the right back full, the central defender is stretched, so, This situation should be specifically listed as a viable option. For example, I take Cross (AI should not know Cross is not easy to use … right?) For Verati, for Paris, with Veratti in exchange for strengthening the defender chips, and in exchange for a bit The stronger and not the old player, which one? Which one is worse? Finally, for some of the world-class superstars such as Real Madrid BBC, Magic Flute Crossover, Barcelona MS, Pique, Car Azar Canter, Manchester United Poggacaba Lukaku, Juventud Barra Higuain and others, these The joining of the players is enough for the club to re-plan the construction of the volleyball team’s direction, and at the same time, the arrival of these players will also affect the team’s rotation policy and bench conditions, which have a new transfer operation program, that is Said that the value of such players’ athletic relevance is not limited to the algorithms that are now age-and space-enhancing, let alone their business value. In summary, combined with the second program, the second in the location of the range can be multiple. Take Manchester United for example, if I buy Barley, Manchester United’s more reasonable chips proposed by the program has a. The sidewalk player or frontcourt players, you can play right wing, rotation or power or future reserve level; b. Backcourt players or sidewalks Player, you can play left-back, the main level; c. Backcourt players, you can hit the defender, the level is not limited, but the impact of discount (this is the place for the bit); d. Any position, the top player level (87 +).

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C Luo trap ball shortage? From the five data to see the difference between him and Messi …

With the end of the current Champions League and La Liga, C Lo and Lionel Messi Messi these two world football superstars once again be out to compare. Champions League, C Lo to 4 field 6 ball of data smugly, but Messi also handed over 3 ball answer sheet. However, in La Liga, C Lo has fallen into a scarcity goal, only 11 goals in 11 embarrassing performance in Messi’s 12 goals in front of just beaten.

C Luo trap ball shortage? From the five data to see the difference between him and Messi …

Many people say that the current downturn in C Lo not match the 2017 Golden Globe Awards and the 2017 FIFA Best Men’s Football Players, then the question is, if really better than scoring, C Lo really inferior to Messi it?

The answer is no, C Lo’s career at least five data are rolling Messi.

C Luo trap ball shortage? From the five data to see the difference between him and Messi …

If only two people in the adult team clubs and national team goals, C Lo currently scored 616 goals, while Messi is 584 goals, the two are almost the same.

From the specific data point of view, the C heading header into 106 balls, but only 24 Messi. As we all know, Messi is not good at head height because of height, but C Luo has the world’s top bouncing ability, header and more goals.

Penalty, C Lo scored 98 goals, Messi is 76. For Messi, the penalty is also a pain point for him, before the flying shot in the Copa America final, failed to rate the Argentine team won his great regret.

Non-dominant legs, C Luo scored 114 goals, while Messi relatively little only 78 tablets. This shows that C Lo is a very balanced player left and right foot, in addition to their own gold right foot, left foot ability is quite powerful. While Messi left foot capacity is good, but not yet C Luo.

C Luo trap ball shortage? From the five data to see the difference between him and Messi …

From the free kick the data point of view, in C Rollei famous elevator balls before the free kick naturally goes without saying, has scored 51. Messi scored 34 goals with his own excellent footwork, both curved curved ball, but also cut to paste.

In the number of hats, C Lo has contributed 48 hat-trick, Messi also 44 hat-trick followed. This shows that two individuals have a single field goal ability are very strong, but C Luo to be better, because in the face of strong teams of hard-fought, C Luo often burst into powerful strength to lead the team victory. For example, last season’s Champions League 1/4 final home match Bayern, C Lo even scored 2 goals in overtime to complete the hat-trick, and then again in the semi-final against Atletico Madrid Hat-trick.

Currently, C Luo is in league 48 shots scoring only 1 goal in the ball shortage situation, while Real Madrid is also only fourth in the league, behind Barcelona led by Lionel Messi 8 points. C Luo himself is facing unprecedented difficulties and pressures, I hope C Lo can not rest during this period in a timely manner to adjust their status in the ensuing match usher in the outbreak, and Messi will be the legendary peerless Write it down

C Luo trap ball shortage? From the five data to see the difference between him and Messi …

The next round of La Liga, Real Madrid and Atletico Madrid and Beijing at 3:45 am on November 19 staged the same Derby, the game will also determine the third round of La Liga after this round who is really, the degree of excitement Paraphrasing. Stay up late to watch the old iron, do not forget to prepare taste king and other artifacts in advance, let us look forward to this one Madrid Derby.

Real Madrid in the face of adversity, what will usher in the eruption?

C Luo and grid, who can take the lead in breaking his own shortage of ball?

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Legend of the Red Devils Schmeichel evaluation FIFA18 best lineup: the starting no Manchester United players

Nov. 22 hearing Peter Schmeichel is Manchester United’s true legend in the history of the last 90 years Manchester United rule the English Premier League, the Danish goalkeeper in the Red Devils array, his defensive line to help the team Won five Premier League championships, and in 1999 completed a historic triple crown Albert. ,

That miracle night in Barcelona, ​​Schmeichel has held the European Champions Cup for Manchester United, but for the current Manchester United, Schmeichel did not seem to evaluate too high.

Schmeichel did not choose a current Manchester United player when EA was invited to elect the best 11 players in the FIFA 18 game, but he chose Manchester United right-back Antonio Valencia from the bench. On the bench, Schmeichel has also chosen two players who are also former former club Manchester City, Sergio Aguero and Kevin de Blauone, as well as Bayern Munich goalkeeper Noy Seoul, midfielder Vidal and defender Hu Myers. In addition to Jose Mourinho as coach, Schmeichel’s list no other Manchester United players.

To be fair, Schmeichel may need to make a few responses on the goalkeeper’s side. His starting goalkeeper is not David DeGeya, but his role in the city of Leicester’s son Caspar – Schmeichel.

Small Schmeichel front of the line of defense is by the Paris Saint-Germain wing Weidan – Alves, Italy Zhongwei partner Bonucci and Chiellini and most loved by Chelsea fans Aspili Liquita composition.

Ngoro-Kanter sits in the midfield, two attacking midfielders are Danish core Christian – Erickson and former Manchester United player C Lo. The three men on the front are Messi, Lewandowski and Eden-Azhar.

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Madden NFL 18 Marshawn lynch ads Microsoft introduced exotic new

The company has just debuted a new commercial for the game, featuring Marshawn Lynch from the Oakland Raiders and his…friend. By friend, we mean his hand, with a pair of eyeballs and a small piece of hair on it, holding a conversation with him. And it seems to have the voice of Jumanji: Welcome To the Jungle actor Kevin Hart – or a damn good soundalike.

We’re in the midst of the NFL playoffs right now, so of course, it makes sense to give a promotional push to Madden NFL 18, because it’s the hot football simulator on the market right now. But Microsoft’s approach to this is a bit on the weird side.

The two are talking about the game when a phone call comes in, and Marshawn’s hand insists that it’s his “fish guy.” When Marshawn asks about who this “fish guy” is, his hand says not to worry about it, since he’s calling from Tokyo anyway. It’s at this point that Marshawn cuts off phone privileges to his hand, and then we see gameplay clips from Madden 18.

It’s…a bit weird. First off, how does a hand get phone privileges? Secondly, how does the hand have such glorious hair? And what does a “fish guy” deliver anyway? Does he actually bring fish to the house, or is he a hook-up for pick-up, or…you know, we’re putting too much thought into this. But we don’t have a “fish guy” and now we’re intrigued.

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Inheriting classic stability to win the “guild wars 2” new version “flame journey” evaluation

“Guild Wars 2” (Guild Wars 2) is made by “the father of diablo iii” Mike O ‘Brien led by making an MMORPG, since it was introduced in August 2012, has been widely popular online game players. Compared with the traditional MMORPG, “guild wars 2” in game system on a large number of disruptive innovation, such as dynamic events, the battlefield (WVW), structured PVP, liberalization of trade, jumping, and so on, these systems not only gradually adapt to and accepted by the player, but also by many similar MMORPG reference and imitation.

When Mike O ‘Brien at blizzard has presided over the development of, after forking founded ArenaNet (hereinafter referred to as A club)

On September 22 (dress is October 13), the new version of “guild wars 2” ushered in his “journey” of flame (the Path of the Fire), it inherited the decisive battle Wallace kumar (Heart of Thorns) of a large number of successful design concept, and do a lot of improvement and innovation. As player’s response, there is “journey” of flame is successful, even if the clothes buy price as high as 198 yuan (far more than the former two versions of the selling price), there are still a lot of players for the sake of “faith”.

Vast scenes of relaxed and comfortable journey

Adventure journey “flame” stage is located in the mainland of fruma (crystal desert is the part of fruma mainland), for the old players played the guild wars, there is a place full of memories. Journey “flame”, however, the story took place in the guild wars 1 of A few hundred years later, A club is not going to depend upon the feelings to have A meal, but Iraq, build give A kind of “each New Year flower similar, following years are different” feeling. Though still is the story of the “human killing god”, but the face is no longer fall god burton, but crazy ares to beat Barcelona jersey. We know the lich para, about family, braving the spears of order and the forsaken this race, after hundreds of years of “guild wars 2” in the story also appeared in front of players with different attitude.

Para, some families of fruma mainland implemented high-handedness on Iraq, Iraq, the people have about as god to worship, made after the death of “zombie” even regarded as supreme glory

As the battle Wallace kumar, A club for players also five dimension is extremely huge maps, each A map can play content is original “guild wars 2″ map several times as much. Considering the terrain structure Wallace kumar four figure too complicated (” wind cane abyss “this map, especially the players), Iraq fruma five figure of the basic control greatly simplified – most of the area in 1-2 layer, even complex mountainous area not more than 5 layer, the layer and at ten to exceed kumar four graphics into sharp contrast. As map layers of simplified, players when identify the small map logo also can more easily, as long as one revolution of the near the logo position, again with the help of the mount of special abilities, it is not hard to reach the destination. In four figure Wallace kumar, a lot of places even know in what position does not know how to get, players must memorize the route the map like mazes, exploration to the normal map.

Inheriting classic stability of the guild wars 2 new version flame journey evaluation

Wrapped rattan abyss of corner is (about 1/6 the whole map), the actual map scene is more complicated than what we see now

Compared with four figure Wallace kumar, fruma five figure while the longitudinal simplify the map on the deep level, but from the lateral increased more than twice the area of the map, making maps playable content in essence is not reduced. The increase of map area has a benefit, is to make the player’s field of vision is more open, the vast desert landscape plus indulge his mount, brings relaxed and pleasant mood, and Michael kumar jungle that surrounded by dense forest, let a person the sense of oppression and tension is very different. Wallace kumar four figure, of course, the sort of “crisis, the heart-pounding step by step” difficult experience is also interesting, but it also scared off a lot of new people, and now this kind of rhythm and difficulty, more suitable for most players.

In the mainland of fruma can find many desert cultural elements

Novelty of the mount system free flowing figure running experience

Mount is an important content of “journey” of flame, it follows the “decisive battle Wallace kumar” version of specialization system, require players to accumulate enough experience value, a specified number of specialization, point to unlock all kinds of mounts specialization ability. Considering the specialization in battle Wallace kumar was for players to brush a bit boring, “journey” of flame will be greatly simplified, specialization project currently unlock all specialization ability to only 64 specialization points, and the battle Wallace kumar is 193 specialization point task of terror! Clearly, don’t want players to A club brush experience as the main purpose of the game, but encourages players to focus on the fun of the game itself.

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6KGOLD Upcoiming Merry Christmas Event

Upcoming Christmas , is preparing to feedback old customers with 6% discount event .

Code is : XMAS

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World of Warcraft: The Feast of Winter Veil Is Here!

The Feast of Winter Veil has begun! It’s time to get some wow gold ready if you want to have funny in game!

When: December 16 – January 2
Where: Major Cities (with decorations throughout the world)

Raise your spirits by stepping into one of the Giant Snow Globes* found outside the Ironforge Bank, in Orgrimmar overlooking the Valley of Wisdom, or in the Broken Isles in Dalaran. You’ll take on the semblance of the true holiday spirit as one of Greatfather Winter’s helpers. Make sure you do a little /dance to share the joy with all around you.

The Abominable Greench is (still) a mean one, but we’re sure that once you’ve filled up on the fine foods and beverages from Smokywood Pastures, you’re bound to put a stop to his reign of terror in the Hillsbrad Foothills. The quest “You’re a Mean One…” is now available to players level 60 and up.

If you’re out and about in the Broken Isles and looking to add a hat or two to your collection, then you’re in luck! Defeat Krosus in the Nighthold, Talixae Flamewreath in the Court of Stars, or Saprish in the Seat of the Triumvirate for a Finely-Tailored Red Holiday Hat. Defeat Varimathras in Antorus, the Burning Throne; Illysanna Ravencrest in Black Rook Hold; or King Deepbeard in Eye of Azsuna for a Finely-Tailored Green Holiday Hat. offers cheapest wow gold & wow items online, if you want to buy wow gold & wow items, we’re your best choice, full stock, professional team, 24 / 7 customer service.

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Although Madden NFL 18 Releases on August 25, 2017, There are Numerous Ways to Play the Game Early.

Madden NFL has had a rocky transition to the current-gen, but publisher EA continues on with its sports juggernaut this year with Madden NFL 18. With some of the most significant changes the series has seen in some time, 2017 could be a big year for the Football sim. Here’s everything you need to know about Madden 18, including the Madden 18 release date, pre-order details, and more.

Madden NFL 18 is releasing worldwide on August 25, 2017 for PS4 and Xbox One. Madden NFL 18 will be available in two editions: Standard Edition and G.O.A.T. Edition. The cover star this year is none other than New England Patriot quarterback Tom Brady. Brady follows his teammate, tight end Rob Gronkowski, who was Madden NFL 17’s cover athlete.

Brady is more than aware of the so called “Madden Curse”, but doesn’t seem worried about it:

“The Madden NFL 18 cover is a great honor for me,” said Brady. “Especially since I have been playing the game since growing up next to EA headquarters in the Bay Area. I’m not one to believe in curses, so I’m ready to take the challenge head on like always! It doesn’t stand a chance!!!”

The Madden Curse got its name after a number of cover athletes for the games over the years have suffered significant injuries. Some fans take it so seriously that they campaign for their team’s star players not to get the cover athlete role.

Pre-order Madden NFL 18 Standard Edition on PS4 (or Xbox One) and you’ll receive the choice of an Elite player from their favorite NFL team for use in Madden NFL 18 Ultimate Team, plus five Squad Packs to redeem at launch.

Pre-order Madden NFL 18 G.O.A.T. Edition on PS4 (or Xbox One) and you’ll get everything from the Standard Edition plus the choice of one of five G.O.A.T. players for Madden NFL 18 Ultimate Team.

Although Madden NFL 18 releases on August 25, 2017, there are numerous ways to play the game early. G.O.A.T. Edition owners will get to play Madden NFL 18 from Tuesday, August 22, while EA Access members on Xbox One can play for up to 10 hours starting Thursday, August 17 with the EA Access Play First Trial. EA Access members also receive a 10% discount on a digital purchase of Madden NFL 18.

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EA Sports Name Connor McDavid as Cover Athlete of NHL 18

EA Sports have officially announced that NHL superstar, Connor McDavid has been named the cover athlete for NHL 18.The superstar center was very thrilled for the opportunity as he is a big fan of the series and been playing theme ever since he was a kid.

“Representing NHL 18 as the cover athlete is an incredible honor,” said Connor McDavid, Edmonton Oilers. “I’ve played EA SPORTS NHL every year since I was a kid. To appear on the cover, something that has been done previously by so many players that I respect and admire is very exciting. I can’t wait to play NHL 18

In addition, today a new gameplay trailer for the game was released. Fans of the series will get a chance to see the game in action for the first time.

EA SPORTS NHL 18 delivers the speed of today’s young NHL stars with new Creative Attack controls and the first-ever Defensive Skill Stick. Play the fast-paced, arcade-inspired 3-on-3 NHL Threes mode, or reshape the league entirely with the new Expansion Draft and your own custom 32nd NHL team. Do it all with the most co-op and competitive multiplayer options ever delivered in a sports game.

NHL 18 is set to release worldwide for PS4 and Xbox One on September 15.

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NHL 18 reveals Edmonton’s Connor McDavid as its cover athlete

Coming off a season as the NHL’s only 100-Point scorer and taking home the Hart Trophy as the league’s most valuable player, Edmonton Oilers Centre, Connor McDavid will grace the cover of EA’s NHL 18. The news was announced in an official press release alongside a Gameplay Trailer, showing off more than the Teaser from E3 2017.

Connor McDavid was drafted by the Edmonton Oilers #1 overall in 2015 and was considered a generational talent along the lines of Sidney Crosby and Alex Ovechkin, with even The Great One, Wayne Gretzky even being impressed by the youngster. McDavid was the primary catalyst in finally getting Edmonton out of a decade-long funk of last place finishes, finally making the playoffs this past season before falling to the Anaheim Ducks in a thrilling 7-Game series.

What’s most exciting about McDavid is that he is only 20 years old, and the best of him is yet to come. NHL 18 releases on Xbox One and PS4 on September 15th, 2017.

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