World Of Warcraft Gnomes Can Finally Be Hunters

Earlier this month, World of Warcraft developers revealed that the Gnome race in the game will finally have the option to be Hunters when Legion releases. The Hunter class is available to all the other races in the game currently leaving Gnomes as the only race without the option. Luckily, the pint-sized people will be able to tame the beasts of Azeroth very soon, and they are bringing a whole new pet type with them.

The highly requested new race and class combination was rather unceremoniously announced by the World of Warcraft creative director on his personal Twitter account. The screenshot of a Gnome Hunter also included what seemed to be, at the time, the race’s starter pet; a mechanical chicken. Of course, plenty of Gnomes rejoiced in their new class option, but several Hunters were pleased to see the mechanical pet standing next to the Gnome. Perhaps, mechanical pets were being added to list of creatures that Hunters could tame.

Today, Blizzard Entertainment again confirmed the upcoming option to create Gnome Hunters, and the developer divulged details on the new pet family Gnomes will bring along with them when they can be Hunters. The new Mechanical family of pets includes rare, “hard-to-find” pets that players will have to tame in interesting ways. According to the post on the official World of Warcraft website, Gnomes and Goblins will be able to innately tame Mechanical pets; however, any Hunter can tame them after using an Engineering device.

The pets from this new World of Warcraft pet family are said to require some special effort on the Hunter’s part in order to tame. Blizzard developers detail one such pet located in Gnomeregan. Inside, a rare mechanostrider awaits brave Hunters willing to locate it and solve the puzzle to “overload its circuits” letting the player tame the pet. The announcement also included new information on the Gnome Hunters starter pet.

Since Legion content is now in an alpha state, many sites have been busying datamining the upcoming content. Players got their first hint of mechanical pets from those files. For instance, there is a Wowhead entry for the Mecha-Mind Synchronization Fluid, the item likely responsible for other Hunters’ ability to tame the new Mechanical pets.    Buy cheap wow gold

FIFA 16 update has made sniping nearly impossible

EA Sports has released an update for its latest footfall video game FIFA 16 and the update effectively makes sniping nearly impossible.

While FIFA 16 version 1.03 brings in new kits for Roma, Barcelona, and Inter Milan and adds some star heads for players from newly promoted teams in the Barclays Premier League, it has taken away one of the most abused loophole that enabled players to snipe players for a lot less than they are actually worth.

The sniping method worked as follows: In the FIFA Ultimate Team, you adjust the price conditions to the lowest Buy Now price of a player and continue searching for someone to list a player for that price accidentally and then buy it off. There have been instances where players like Ronaldo, Muller among others who are worth millions were being sniped for just few thousand coins-a bug that made people millionaires in the FIFA world in a matter of days.

However, that’s not going to be possible any more as the new update now by default assigns the max value to the Buy Now option when an item is put for sale on the Transfer Market.

“Updated the default value assigned to the Buy Now option to the max value when listing an item for sale on the Transfer Market”, reads the patch note.   Buy FIFA 16 IOS Coins

Guild Wars 2: Heart of Thorns will not change your opinion of Guild Wars

My experience with Guild Wars 2 has been very similar to a lot of people I’ve met over the years. We all agree it’s a wonderful, beautiful take on MMOs, and delivers on its promise of a subscription-free game. But at the same time, we often find ourselves gravitating towards other games every few months on a more consistent basis, like Final Fantasy XIV.

Guild Wars 2 is a massive success for ArenaNet, who is always listening to its fanbase for adjustments and the like, but it doesn’t offer up a lot of endgame activities or structures that hardcore MMO fans are usually accustomed to. The developer’s recent Heart of Thorns expansion is basically more of the same, which is either a good or a bad thing depending on your initial experience.

Heart of Thorns is, first and foremost, a massive collective of content updates for $50. It takes place across four new zones, which may not sound like much-unless you account for the fact that they’re tiered. The concept works far better than it sounds, as the massive canopies make for a unique setting that hasn’t been done all that often in the MMO space. It’s also visually more impressive than any region in the base game, and contains more lore than any one person can ever handle.

For the most part, Guild Wars 2 continues excelling as a PVE game. It’s as easy as ever to walk out into the open world, do a few quests with strangers without even grouping, and participate in open events against world bosses. It’s awesome, and is easily the best public questing has ever been handled to date in an MMO. Guild Halls help accentuate that community feel, and if you’re into RPing or casual play, helping your teammates build and upgrade your hall results in a massive sense of accomplishment. But once you’ve obtained all the masteries you want and start seeing the same old content, you hit a wall-the lingering need for more endgame.

There is one way ArenaNet is planning on satiating the hardcore crowd, though-proper raids. The Spirit Vale is set to drop next week on November 17, which is the first of three planned wings. While the jury is still out on that aspect of the game, Guild Wars 2: Heart of Thorns is a pretty fantastic expansion all told, and you don’t have a lot to lose checking it out at some point without a subscription fee.

World Of Warcraft Class Previews Cover Warlock

Buy cheap wow gold  Blizzard developers continue their coverage of upcoming class changes in World of Warcraft when the sixth expansion launches. The brief previews include a look at each class specialization and a few of their important abilities. Each specialization’s overview also includes an example of a talent specific to each specialization giving a little more insight on what is in store for each specialization in World of Warcraft.

The first class previewed on Tuesday is the demon summoning spellcasters Warlocks. Warlocks of all three specializations in Legion will utilize mana and soul shards. For instance, Destruction Warlocks will no longer manage Burning Embers in favor of keeping the Warlock uniform across all three specializations. Affliction Warlocks will focus on damage-over-time abilities, while Demonology returns to a demon-summoning mastermind rather than a specialization focused on transforming the Warlock itself.

Demonology Warlocks in Legion will be able to summon new Dreadstalkers, call in a number of Wild Imps when using Hand of Gul’dan, and buff their pets often offering them additional haste and health. Knowing when to buff your demon army is paramount, too. Demonic Empowerment will choose to buff the strongest demons first, and the ability makes them stronger for 12 seconds with a 12-second cooldown.

The summoning and shadow damage does not end with the Warlock changes. The World of Warcraft Death Knight is also spreading diseases and summoning ghouls in Legion with a few changes making them a little easier to manage while keeping true to their Lich King origins. Runes will no longer be divided into multiple types and instead Death Knights will manage six identical runes for their abilities.

Finally, the iconic Shaman class is undergoing a number of improvements in Legion. Elemental and Enhancement Shamans will no use Maelstrom as a resource, while the Restoration Shaman will continue to use mana. Multiple Totems from the same nature type can be put down in Legion, elementals summoned from Totems can now follow the Shaman, and Totems will have health based on a percentage of the Shaman’s health. Each of the Shaman’s specializations are detailed briefly in the preview.

Video guide: FIFA 16 online modes reviewed

After hours upon hours of epic head-to-heads with friends, but entirely variable experiences against random, single-serving adversaries in Ultimate Team, Seasons (both co-op and solo) and Pro Clubs, I’m starting to think that the real problem with FIFA 16, the one bug that EA will not and cannot fix, is the other 99.9% of people who play it.

Although EA Sports score a fair number of own goals with bugs, poorly-implemented features and assorted oversights, FIFA 16’s most frustrating issues only surface once you leave the happy bubble of friendly competition against familiar opponents.

Every time a new video game with an online component is released, irrespective of genre, there’s a brief period where everyone enjoys a relatively even playing field. Within anything from hours to a few days, though, certain staple playstyles and techniques emerge, and are analysed, shared and emulated.

Players will also find exploits of all shapes and forms, from outright cheating to techniques that exist in a moral grey area-facilitated by the game engine, but not entirely in keeping with the spirit of fair play.

With successful online titles that have wide, active and well-informed player communities, wise developers issue updates that remove exploits and fine-tune the balance of play to make their game more interesting and competitive-and, of course, to keep it relevant to an audience who might otherwise jump ship.

Strangely, FIFA is only accorded with that degree of TLC within its first month or two on sale, despite the fact that it’s a year-round going concern for a large and vocal fanbase. After an initial wave of bug fixes and refinements, EA Sports are generally happy to leave FIFA’s match engine untouched.  Fifa 16 ios coins

Player feedback prompts Guild Wars 2 changes

Following player-sourced feedback, changes are coming to Guild Wars 2: Heart of Thorns.Writing over at the official Guild Wars 2 website, developer Colin Johanson revealed some of the changes coming in the future.

Johanson explains that while there’s been a lot of positive reactions to Heart of Thorns’ endgame Mastery system, the team “didn’t do a great job properly aligning expectations on how your elite specialization is earned,” which led to some players expecting to get their elite specialization early on, or in some cases, off the bat.

The plan moving forward is to update the elite specialization unlock with the hopes of finding a “better middle ground,” by changing how many points is required to unlock every possible ability from 400 hero points to 250.

If you’ve already purchased what you needed at the original pricing, expect a hero points refund.

The next change outlined sees Adventure minigames becoming more accessible, so that users can play them more often. Specifically, The Bugs in the Branches, Shooting Gallery, Flying Circus, and Beetle Feast minigames are set to be made more readily available.

Last but not least, the team has found a setting that appears to be creating lower populations in the Heart of Maguuma maps. That, obviously, is going to be fixed.  Guild Wars 2 Gold Online