Blizzard Looks to Increase the Number of Expansions They Release

With the upcoming release of the first ever Warcraft film this June and the release of Legion, the next World of Warcraft (WOW) expansion, shortly afterwards in September, fans of Blizzard’s flagship series have a lot to look forward to this year.

After its inception in 2004, WOW became almost synonymous with the term “Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game” (MMORPG). The game had over 12 million subscribers at its peak in 2010 (the year of its third expansion, Cataclysm), and became almost definitive of the genre and online gaming in general.

However, since that peak in 2010, WOW’s popularity has steadily declined. Gamespot reports that, in November, Blizzard said that they had 5.5 million subscribers. This was a loss of 100,000 since the previous report three months prior, and Gamespot reports that the company now stands at a nine-year low for subscribers.

5.5 million is definitely not a bad number, but it is a substantial drop from the 12 million of WOW’s prime, and suggests a substantial shift in the current MMORPG market. Blizzard also claims that this will be the last time they provide subscriber numbers, and that this information will no longer be divulged in the future, as they look to other forms of data to understand their success.

One of the major changes introduced in response to this drop in subscribers was the company’s decision to increase the number of expansions they release. Gamerant reports that Blizzard has announced intentions to release one expansion per year, which is a substantially more frequent rate than their previous expansions (the game currently has six expansions, and has been out for 12 years, for an average rate of one game every two years).wow gold

Caulker LFC transfer update for FIFA 16 imminent

FIFA 16 Online

There is another important piece of January transfer news for FIFA 16 players now, as Steven Caulker to Liverpool is now official. It is a loan move, but EA will still offer a Caulker Liverpool FIFA 16 transfer update very soon.

The good news is that EA has been very active when it comes to early FIFA 16 Winter transfers. They have already moved Iturbe over to Bournemouth from Roma, so we can safely say that it will be a matter of hours rather than days before you’ll find Caulker available in packs for Liverpool FC.

Right now, you can pick Caulker up for 650 coins so it will be interesting to see how much this price increases as soon as the Caulker LFC cards for FIFA 16 go live on the transfer market.

FIFA 16: a great game to play


For years EA Sports’ FIFA franchise has been the undisputed king of football game – they’re the FC Barcelona of football games.

FIFA 16 like all its predecessors is an excellent game – fun, exciting, methodical and life-like. Though it is a tad slower than FIFA 15, it gives you much more time to think rather than quickly pass off the ball and score goals. Attention to detail has always been a hallmark of FIFA games and the latest version is no different. Player attributes like strength give your defenders much more scope against tricky and fast players. For instance, Per Mertesacker can actually hold up against someone like Lionel Messi and even outpace him! Defenders, somehow were always less competent than attackers in FIFA but that has been remedied in FIFA 16. Unlike earlier versions, where you could quickly race off to the other end and score a goal, FIFA 16 lays more emphasis on possession. You can’t just sprint across defenders but have to wisely use the ball and control your pace. It certainly is a much more tactically enhanced game to play.

EA has always done well with the presentation and this game is no different. The accurate kits, looks of players, excellent animation make it a great game to play. The sound effects are immaculate – the players yelling, crowd roars, fan reactions to what’s happening on the pitch – give an extremely real feel to the whole FIFA experience.

FIFA 16 retains all the gaming modes of its predecessors and Ultimate Team mode gets better. The idea of creating your own team, handpicking players, earn rewards and win trophies remains as compelling as ever. A welcome addition to the game is the inclusion of women’s teams. However, you can only play as national teams in the women’s football and the contrast between men’s football and women’s football is substantial. Women’s football – just like in real life – is less physical than that of their male counterparts.

Sports games should make gamers work hard and actually make you think and act like you’re in the sport. FIFA 16 does that immaculately and it’s great to see Konami up their game as well. For the first time perhaps gamers have two excellent football games to choose from – the other being Konami’s PES 2016. However, just like in real life, Barcelona’s supremacy might be challenged for a season or two, it’s the team you aspire to beat and emulate.Cheap FIFA 16 Coins


What is ahead for World of Warcraft in 2016

Buy cheap wow gold  A New Year often brings thoughts of new beginnings, glimmers of hope that the future will be bright. As we begin 2016, Blizzard Entertainment’s “Warcraft” franchise looks like it might have its biggest year in a long while.

Big budget movies featuring characters and worlds that just a few years ago would have been impossible to feature on the big screen have proven to be box office juggernauts over the last few years. Viewers are now accustomed to seeing gods and superheroes battle it out on the big screen. In June, the denizens of Azeroth will get their turn to be exposed to a wider audience than ever before as “Warcraft” hits theaters.

Directed by Duncan Jones and starring Travis Fimmel, Paula Patton, Ben Foster, Dominic Cooper, Toby Kebbell, Ben Schnetzer, Rob Kazinsky, and Daniel Wu, “Warcraft” tells the story of the first interactions between the Orcs, as they flee their dying world, and the humans of Azeroth. The movie is sure to rekindle interest in former “World of Warcraft” players, as well as bring in some new ones.

The other big happening for “World of Warcraft” in 2016 is the launch of the game’s sixth expansion. “Legion” is expected to be released sometime in or before September, and brings with it an all-new “hero class.” Players will be able to create Demon Hunters, which will have several special abilities. “Legion” will also introduce Artifacts to the game, powerful weapons based on weapons used by legendary characters in the game’s history.

“Legion” will also bring many changes to currently existing characters and game mechanics. There are going to be balance changes to each class, and the PvP system is getting an overhaul. Gear won’t matter nearly as much in “Legion” PvP, where characters will be able to advance through an honor leveling system to gain PvP-only talents.

“Legion” will also introduce Gnome Hunters to the game, along with the Mechanical pet family for Hunters. Gnome and Goblin Hunters will be able to tame Mechanical pets from the outset, and other Hunters will be able to tame them via a device made by Engineers.

Stay tuned for more “World of Warcraft” news as the release dates for the “Warcraft” movie and the “Legion” expansion draw near.