Bot Software Is Killing PvP in World of Warcraft

For more than 10 years fans of World of Warcraft have been divided between those who prefer PvE progression, and those who prefer the competitiveness of PvP. Although Blizzard has made an effort to introduce content and rewards for both sides of the game, there’s always been a sense that PvP has been a second-rate option; classes are primarily balanced around PvE, many PvP gear models are recolors of older gear, and thoughtful new ways to enjoy PvP are infrequently encountered.

More recently, Blizzard’s lackadaisical attitude about the growing number of cheaters in PvP has put a frown on the face of anyone who enjoys arena or battlegrounds.

Cheating in PvP has become a serious issue in the competitive scene of WoW. Bots are easier than ever to find on the internet, allowing thousands of players to become introduced to the world of botting after just a few button clicks. Equally as important, the bots are more sophisticated than ever, capable of interrupting spell casts and more resulting in high win rates. This has particularly affected high rating play, where it’s common to face bots on a frequent basis. Consequently, many cheaters have been able to walk away with highly elusive gladiator titles and rare gear for Warlords of Draenor’s PvP Season 2, including a few popular Twitch streamers.

Botting is similarly prevalent in battlegrounds, where auto-follow bots result in teams having less than a full team to play with. This has been particularly frustrating for players who are trying to gear up as winning is the only reliable means of earning high honor reward.

If Blizzard were to respect PvP to any reasonable degree, it would likely have fewer issues with retaining subscribers. Its subscriber count is somewhere around 5 million to 5.3 million right now, which is a historic low since Vanilla. Things aren’t getting better, either. The recent “major” patch didn’t usher much in the way of new content to the game, and it’s going to be anywhere up to nine more months before Legion arrives, which thankfully will include a PvP system revamp.

If there’s a way to cheat, some players are going to use it. Ultimately, it’s up to Blizzard to make sure that when someone considers cheating, they know that they are taking a huge risk. Until that happens, the quality of life of WoW’s PvP systems will continue to dwindle.   Buy cheap wow gold

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