Guild Wars 2: Soundtrack Now Available on Collector Edition Vinyl

ArenaNet publisher and developer of the acclaimed Guild Wars franchise, have teamed up to release a special Collector’s Edition 2xLP Vinyl featuring the Guild Wars 2: Heart of Thorns soundtrack on 180-gram colored vinyl. The vinyl release offers fans a new way to experience the evocative, orchestral score composed by Maclaine Diemer and Lena Chappelle for Heart of Thorns, the first expansion for the fan favorite, best-selling MMO Guild Wars 2.

With audio mastered specifically for vinyl by Telegraph Mastering Studio, listeners can revisit their quest to battle the vicious Elder Dragon Mordremoth as the orchestra takes them through the perilous Maguuma jungle with the special release of this enchanting soundtrack. The vinyl features vivid artwork from the Guild Wars 2 art team with a design by game industry favorite, Cory Schmitz.

The Guild Wars 2: Heart of Thorns vinyl will be available exclusively from the iam8bit online store for pre-order starting December 15 at 10 a.m. PST/6 p.m. GMT. This exceptional release honoring the magic of Guild Wars 2 is a collector’s item that will be treasured by all players, from charr to sylvari, from this world into the next. Long Live Destiny’s Edge! It’s also the first time the Heart of Thorns soundtrack will be available in its entirety, as well as on vinyl.

The digital soundtrack, as included with the vinyl release, includes additional bonus tracks. The soundtrack will be available on iTunes and Amazon Music at a later date. For the latest updates, stay tuned to the official site.

Guild Wars 2 Experiences Currency Deflation

Buy cheap GW2 gold  It’s no secret that MMORPG economies are ever-changing, with the value of in-game gold fluctuating as time goes on. Guild Wars 2 has been following a pretty inflationary cycle since its release but has recently started what is arguably a very rare event: the gold has been going through deflation.

Games have to choose one of two things: either have enough gold sinks that players can’t afford anything or allow players to build up their gold as time goes along. The obvious choice for most people is the latter, and it’s the most common method. Just like in the scenario before, what this means is that with every mob killed or quest completed, more gold is being added to the economy. This, by nature, means the value of items has to go up-otherwise a normal player could afford to buy everything there is. It simply isn’t going to happen. It’s true that some items will stabilize at a certain price point, but end-game items are those that are most often seen rising in value since it’s where the main focus of the game is.

For Guild Wars 2’s gold metric, there is one type of item that helps determine what its value is: gems. Gems are tradable via the in-game market and are how players can effectively take part in legal RMT. As such, these are directly correlated to the cash value, and therefore are also related to the prices of goods in-game. The way this market works is pretty simple: as more players buy gems using gold, their price goes up. As more players trade their gems for gold, their price goes down.

This information is unique because it’s extremely rare. Generally, inflation follows games either forever or until they shut down. Having something turn like this is a huge change over the norm, leading to proof that games can turn around and deflate-despite being on a strong inflationary pattern, they can reverse this. And what makes this even more interesting is that while the drop from 24g to 18g may not seem like a lot due to how large the numbers are, they have effectively put the gem prices back where they were around a year ago-all done in just a couple of months!

Guild Wars 2: Heart of Thorns will not change your opinion of Guild Wars

My experience with Guild Wars 2 has been very similar to a lot of people I’ve met over the years. We all agree it’s a wonderful, beautiful take on MMOs, and delivers on its promise of a subscription-free game. But at the same time, we often find ourselves gravitating towards other games every few months on a more consistent basis, like Final Fantasy XIV.

Guild Wars 2 is a massive success for ArenaNet, who is always listening to its fanbase for adjustments and the like, but it doesn’t offer up a lot of endgame activities or structures that hardcore MMO fans are usually accustomed to. The developer’s recent Heart of Thorns expansion is basically more of the same, which is either a good or a bad thing depending on your initial experience.

Heart of Thorns is, first and foremost, a massive collective of content updates for $50. It takes place across four new zones, which may not sound like much-unless you account for the fact that they’re tiered. The concept works far better than it sounds, as the massive canopies make for a unique setting that hasn’t been done all that often in the MMO space. It’s also visually more impressive than any region in the base game, and contains more lore than any one person can ever handle.

For the most part, Guild Wars 2 continues excelling as a PVE game. It’s as easy as ever to walk out into the open world, do a few quests with strangers without even grouping, and participate in open events against world bosses. It’s awesome, and is easily the best public questing has ever been handled to date in an MMO. Guild Halls help accentuate that community feel, and if you’re into RPing or casual play, helping your teammates build and upgrade your hall results in a massive sense of accomplishment. But once you’ve obtained all the masteries you want and start seeing the same old content, you hit a wall-the lingering need for more endgame.

There is one way ArenaNet is planning on satiating the hardcore crowd, though-proper raids. The Spirit Vale is set to drop next week on November 17, which is the first of three planned wings. While the jury is still out on that aspect of the game, Guild Wars 2: Heart of Thorns is a pretty fantastic expansion all told, and you don’t have a lot to lose checking it out at some point without a subscription fee.

Player feedback prompts Guild Wars 2 changes

Following player-sourced feedback, changes are coming to Guild Wars 2: Heart of Thorns.Writing over at the official Guild Wars 2 website, developer Colin Johanson revealed some of the changes coming in the future.

Johanson explains that while there’s been a lot of positive reactions to Heart of Thorns’ endgame Mastery system, the team “didn’t do a great job properly aligning expectations on how your elite specialization is earned,” which led to some players expecting to get their elite specialization early on, or in some cases, off the bat.

The plan moving forward is to update the elite specialization unlock with the hopes of finding a “better middle ground,” by changing how many points is required to unlock every possible ability from 400 hero points to 250.

If you’ve already purchased what you needed at the original pricing, expect a hero points refund.

The next change outlined sees Adventure minigames becoming more accessible, so that users can play them more often. Specifically, The Bugs in the Branches, Shooting Gallery, Flying Circus, and Beetle Feast minigames are set to be made more readily available.

Last but not least, the team has found a setting that appears to be creating lower populations in the Heart of Maguuma maps. That, obviously, is going to be fixed.  Guild Wars 2 Gold Online

Guild Wars 2 Weekend Beta Event Successful

ArenaNet’s Guild Wars 2 has recently been confirmed to have its first and newest expansion, Heart of Thorns Raids. With it, a recently held beta event was deemed successful, weeks before the beta’s launch is to take place.

According to Develop-Online, TwitchCon recently concluded it convention last October 4th, Sunday, after showcasing some of the features for Guild Wars 2’s latest expansion update, the Heart of Thorns Raids. Also, ArenaNet initiated on launching an official trailer that presents the expansion’s composition.

MPOGD delivered that the event started last Friday, October 2nd at 12PM PST or 3PM EST, and ran until Sunday, October 4th at about 11:59PM PST. In comparison to the previous beta events, players will be given the privilege to fabricate new level 80 characters that will give them access to all the game’s character professions. This will also include the new Revenant profession from the expansion.

The gamers can trek through the expansion and its new outdoor zone, namely the Heart of Maguuma, as well as trying out the new character’s improvements such as the Mastery system. Other feats include the Druid specialization for the Ranger, and for the first time, players can sample the first of a planned sum of four areas in first Raid, namely the Spirit Vale.

As reported by Design and Trend, ArenaNet has recently launched the trailer of Guild Wars 2’s Heart of Thorns, exhibiting just how impressive the graphics are for one thing. The trailer also shows the classic Guild Wars 2 NPC hero, Rytlock Brimstone, taking on the antagonism under the sinister jungle dragon Mordremoth.

After the utter success of the weekend beta even, Guild Wars 2 fans are now cordially awaiting the launch of The Heart of Thorns expansion which is slated to hit the shelves on October 23rd. Stay tuned for further details and updates on the said expansion by ArenaNet.   Buy cheap GW2 gold

Guild Wars 2 lead designer has joined Amazon Game Studios

Guild Wars 2 lead designer Eric Flannum has left ArenaNet to join Amazon Game Studios. He’s working on a PC game which will utilize “the latest technology to explore third person, competitive, melee-oriented action gameplay in an entirely new light”. That’s presumably the same project Amazon was hiring for back in June.

That quote above comes from a LinkedIn post by Flannum, where he’s listed as a creative director at Amazon Game Studios. He lists a handful of employment opportunities at the studio and claims the current team has talent from “projects like Guild Wars, Forza, Halo, Starcraft, Half Life 2, Left for Dead, Dota, Infamous, Sunset Overdrive, Destiny, and Shadow of Mordor.”

The studio does indeed boast some interesting talent, including Portal’s Kim Swift. Far Cry 2 mastermind Clint Hocking was employed in 2014, but left in August. That apparently prompted two other designers-principal game designer Jonathan Hamel and director of narrative design Eric Nylund-to leave too.

There’s still been no public announcement regarding Amazon’s mysterious project(s), but whatever happens, it’ll be interesting to see what Amazon brings to the table-especially with its apparent PC focus.  Buy cheap GW2 gold

Why Guild Wars 2’s Structured PvP is Superior to Most

Most MMORPGs have a system that helps lower-leveled players take part in PvP through a bolstering system. Some do it based on the character level (such as Echo of Soul), and some go based on gear and level (such as RIFT). There’s one thing that they all have in common, though, which is that while they work hard at getting all participants to a somewhat equal footing, the simple fact is that they aren’t completely equal.Guild Wars 2, however, does things a bit differently in its structured PvP system.

From the moment players enter the Mists, they are set to level 80 (the current cap of the game). Along with this, they are set up with a full set of gear, and all possible skills, as if they had fully leveled up and gotten geared through normal play.

Another benefit of GW2’s sPvP system is that it allows you to experiment and explore different ways of playing. This also carries over into PvE (in that the skills you learn with your new setups can be transferred once you’ve unlocked them there as well), so it’s really a benefit to all players.

While the ability to fight other players is a great benefit in sPvP, there are also siege weapons within the Mists. These allow for learning how each of the weapons works, as well as how to target with them (there are various targets that can be aimed at, allowing players to hone in their skills).

GW2’s sPvP system (and the Mists itself) provide a great way to play some balanced PvP. All players are equal within (other than class vs. a different class), and there are tons of tools that can be used to work on strategies for both defense and offence. And if that wasn’t enough, you can enter them as soon as you exit the tutorial of the game, allowing the ability to test each class at its maximum level to decide what to play next!    Buy cheap GW2 gold

Guild Wars 2 to get raids and go free-to-play

Ever since the announcement of the Guild Wars 2: Heart of Thorns expansion fans have been on the fence about how the game was priced, but it seems like ArenaNet is making some changes. IGN spilled the beans about Saturday’s PAX Prime announcement from the developers…

According to IGN’s now deleted tweet and article, Guild Wars 2 is getting raids, and the core game is going to be available for free. Currently, the game doesn’t require subscriptions-but does require an upfront payment for the game.

Now, this might not be what you think it is, the free-to-play aspect of the game mentioned in IGN’s tweet, might be referencing trial accounts.

It’s unfortunate when leaks make their way around the web, but just because you might know some details on it now doesn’t mean you shouldn’t tune in to their Saturday announcement.    Buy cheap guild wars 2 gold

Guild Wars 2: Heart of Thorn First Beta Weekend This Week

NCSOFT and ArenaNet announced that the first publicly accessible beta for Guild Wars 2: Heart of Thorns will get a preview on the show floor then launch worldwide as the first official Beta Weekend Event for players who pre-purchased the game.

In this first test, players will have a chance to experience the first story instances in the expansion’s new area, the Heart of Maguuma Jungle, as well as playtest the revenant, an all-new profession with attacks and abilities that draw their powers from legends of Guild Wars lore. They will be among the first to try out the new elite specializations that introduce new weapons and skills for each profession in the game. They also get to test the new masteries system, a new endgame progression system that replaces linear leveling and gives players choices in the new skills, abilities and rewards they pursue.

ArenaNet will debut a demo showcasing a portion of the content that’s playable in the beta test on the show floor starting on opening day on Wednesday, August 5, and running until the show ends on Sunday, August 9.          Guild Wars 2 Gold cheap

Guild Wars 2: Heart of Thorns new info

Today ArenaNet has revealed the tempest, the elite specialisation for the elementalist profession debuting in Guild Wars 2: Heart of Thorns.

The tempest enables players to harness the elements with a myriad of new skills and a new weapon to utilize-the warhorn. ArenaNet Game Designer Karl McLain examines the strength and versatility of this new elite specialization, including how it came into being during the development of Guild Wars 2: Heart of Thorns.

Tempest is a close-range specialization capable of blasting out damage, healing and support abilities, including ‘Eye of the Storm’ which allows players to call down a storm on their characters and allies. Eye of the Storm breaks stun on anyone affected in a short radius and grants them super speed for a short time; there’s also ‘Aftershock’, an ability which cripples nearby enemies with earthen force. The tempest also possesses the Overload ability which allows players to call in the forces of either fire, water, air and earth to benefit the player and their allies, depending on their attunement. More details about these skills and how players can use the warhorn weapon can be found in the official developer blog.

ArenaNet will reveal the first in-game look at the tempest’s abilities when McLain joins host Rubi Bayer on Points of Interest airing on tomorrow (Friday 24th July) at 9pm CEST (8pm BST) via the official Guild Wars 2 Twitch channel. -Guild Wars 2 Online