Duncan Jones on what makes his world of ‘Warcraft’ unique in film fantasy

Finding the Legendary booth on the floor of the main exhibition hall at Comic-Con is always fairly easy, because they don’t do things by half-measures. This year, all you had to do was look for Ogrim, the giant Orc wielding the massive Doomhammer, and that’s exactly where I found Duncan Jones, director of next June’s “Warcraft.”

Google Cardboard struck a deal with Legendary to help them create a very nice viewer for the new Legendary VR app that was being demoed at the booth. I got to run through all three of the experiences that they’ve put together, one of which was clearly based directly on last year’s full-sized Jaeger Pilot exhibit. They’ve also created a “Crimson Peak” experience which is one long walk down a haunted hallway in the bones of the home that serves as the focus of Guillermo Del Toro’s new film. Finally, they’ve created a race through the skies of Azeroth on the back of a griffin, and that last one was a perfect lead-in to my conversation with Jones, who showed up while I was getting my first look at the world he’s created for “Warcraft.”

I asked how he felt to finally be showing off footage from the film for Hall H, with this being his third year at Comic-Con. He laughed. “I’m still just getting over the convention madness. I’ve been running around getting stuff signed.” He was indeed laden with various bits of nerd paraphernalia, and he compared navigating the floor to playing a frantic round of Mario Kart. “I also turn into an uber-nervous wreck,” he confessed. We talked first about the VR app and about how far VR has come since I moved to LA in 1990, stopping first in the Bay area to make sure I could meet Jaron Lanier, one of the fathers of modern virtual reality.-Buy cheap wow gold

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