FIFA 16 update has made sniping nearly impossible

EA Sports has released an update for its latest footfall video game FIFA 16 and the update effectively makes sniping nearly impossible.

While FIFA 16 version 1.03 brings in new kits for Roma, Barcelona, and Inter Milan and adds some star heads for players from newly promoted teams in the Barclays Premier League, it has taken away one of the most abused loophole that enabled players to snipe players for a lot less than they are actually worth.

The sniping method worked as follows: In the FIFA Ultimate Team, you adjust the price conditions to the lowest Buy Now price of a player and continue searching for someone to list a player for that price accidentally and then buy it off. There have been instances where players like Ronaldo, Muller among others who are worth millions were being sniped for just few thousand coins-a bug that made people millionaires in the FIFA world in a matter of days.

However, that’s not going to be possible any more as the new update now by default assigns the max value to the Buy Now option when an item is put for sale on the Transfer Market.

“Updated the default value assigned to the Buy Now option to the max value when listing an item for sale on the Transfer Market”, reads the patch note.   Buy FIFA 16 IOS Coins

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