FIFA 16 vs PES 2016: Which Is Better?

For almost as long as I’ve been comparing these two games-traditional “reviews” seemed increasingly pointless as the years wore on, especially since people generally only wanted to know which of the two they should side for-one has been outright better than the other. EA’s FIFA, flush with cash, emerged around seven years ago as the dominant football title, superior to Konami’s rival PES series in almost every regard.

Look past the results, though, and in the past few encounters the flow of the game tells a more nuanced story. One of a FIFA series, resting on its laurels with a dated engine and minimal improvements, being pegged back by a resurgent PES, running on Konami’s new Fox Engine and desperate to claw back the crown it held for most of the 00’s as the football game to beat.

There’s an obsessive focus on small details, changes, tweaks and updates compared to those found in last year’s version. On the one hand, I get it, these games don’t change that much year-to-year, so coverage needs something to focus on.

A lot of this year’s FIFA reviews, for example, are doubling down on things like a small goalkeeping AI change and a new way to send faster passes. Those are important to note, sure, but are they that big of a deal when looking at the game as a whole?

This game needs more than little changes. It needs a serious overhaul. There’s precious little that’s new about FIFA 16. From the menus to the commentary team to the half time replays, it’s tough finding genuinely fresh and meaningful additions or improvements to the core FIFA 16 experience outside of a new draft system in Ultimate Team, some extra depth to manager mode and a promising women’s game.

FIFA also dominates PES when it comes to licenses, mostly down to the fact it has the rights to the entire Premier League, from on-screen graphics to a recreation of all 20 stadiums. This year, that gulf has only grown wider, because FIFA also now has the exclusive rights to the German Bundesliga, with similar slick presentation. That’s in addition to a ton of other leagues, covering everywhere from Australia to Brazil.    Buy Fifa 16 ps coins

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