FIFA 18 manager model experience, take C Luo players actually rejected each other

FIFA 18’s manager model compared to the previous or there are many improvements, after playing for a while, can only be very tired heart. The biggest feeling is that the transfer becomes more difficult. This mode of manager for the transfer frequency is much lower than before. Mainly reflected in two aspects, one for the seller asking price thieves, the second is an unreasonable trading chips logic. The former is better, while the latter is a big hit for players who want to make radical changes to the team.

First of all, say “selling people” this piece.
Due to limited time, and has been in a different file test, I have not tried listing to see the seller. However, based on feedback from other players and their own short-term experience, listing is likely to be unattended, and second, the old players are hard to sell, feel the current trading system, the other would rather be a Nacho, Vazquez this young player Do not Ramos C Lo this big, of course, the price is linked with the player’s value, but the market appeal feel more cut. As a youth army opposed to veteran feelings sent, a lot of bad or not in the long-term plan of player compensation can not throw out!
Second, talk about the player trading (exchange) problem.

Similar to what was said before, the president, Shu Yeh (and possibly Modric, etc.) simply can not change people. I want to buy Barley, Manchester United to the left winger, I take C Luo, others do not! Look down! This is the weight of the transfer strategy of the problem, and now the demon premium, then the price of age in determining the weight can be high, but the decision will be less market appeal, after all, high-risk.
2. The position just look at the first position on paper, then Juve management can not provide to the need for the striker seller Dibara, Manchester United and can not Mashala and La Master forward trading, Real Madrid can not Bell, Assencio, Vazquez and others sell to the left winger (including left avant-garde) team, and like Dexi Liao and Mashala above the master, their second position may not be worse than the first position, or even May be better! However, as long as the other party to make a clear request, then I can choose the player was limited. Combination of the first article of the situation, looking for Manchester United buyers, genuine left winger on a C Luo, others do not, but also can not choose other similar positions, so this business Real Madrid can not use the substitution pattern. To solve the channel feeling should be “position range (not limited to” first “) instead of a clear position, such as the front players (striker + front + wing front), midfielder (front + mid + back waist) Field players (back waist + defense line), the sidewalk player (winger + edge avant + wing guard + edge guard), plus “can be qualified for a specific location” is the exact position the other party actually want to reinforce, players in the position Ability of not less than 95% of the value of the player’s own ability can be, supplemented by the player grade, such as “top players”, “main level”, “Rotating power”, “future reserves” and so on.
3. The seller limited the range of players to a single position. First, I’m guessing that the seller expects players to be swapped for the most recent player’s departure but may be the weaker bench or main + bench. If the former, the summer that only reinforce the loss but not reinforcing the team in the signings strategy may be biased, that “I do not want”, if this logic is dominant, I think this generation of transfer AI change very failed; if the latter, then in general a team should be more than one position need to be reinforced, such as my Real Madrid center-back, right back and forward, Manchester United right winger, left back, Juventus defender (both sides Decilio can play both sides and the actual right debut), so the seller should not have only one type of chips. Moreover, the current shortage of talent such as right-back position, especially in the buyer itself is not enough, for the sake of win-win situation, the seller should not choose to exchange for the right back of the chips (of course, transfer operation so lift Price or change for a better chip that is another matter). At the same time, AI should also consider the status of the team after the transaction is completed. To Real Madrid for example, Real Madrid is only right-back position is really stretched, with his team to buy Varane, Real Madrid non-right-back chips do not, the results after the transaction, the right back full, the central defender is stretched, so, This situation should be specifically listed as a viable option. For example, I take Cross (AI should not know Cross is not easy to use … right?) For Verati, for Paris, with Veratti in exchange for strengthening the defender chips, and in exchange for a bit The stronger and not the old player, which one? Which one is worse? Finally, for some of the world-class superstars such as Real Madrid BBC, Magic Flute Crossover, Barcelona MS, Pique, Car Azar Canter, Manchester United Poggacaba Lukaku, Juventud Barra Higuain and others, these The joining of the players is enough for the club to re-plan the construction of the volleyball team’s direction, and at the same time, the arrival of these players will also affect the team’s rotation policy and bench conditions, which have a new transfer operation program, that is Said that the value of such players’ athletic relevance is not limited to the algorithms that are now age-and space-enhancing, let alone their business value. In summary, combined with the second program, the second in the location of the range can be multiple. Take Manchester United for example, if I buy Barley, Manchester United’s more reasonable chips proposed by the program has a. The sidewalk player or frontcourt players, you can play right wing, rotation or power or future reserve level; b. Backcourt players or sidewalks Player, you can play left-back, the main level; c. Backcourt players, you can hit the defender, the level is not limited, but the impact of discount (this is the place for the bit); d. Any position, the top player level (87 +).

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