Guild Wars 2 Experiences Currency Deflation

Buy cheap GW2 gold ┬áIt’s no secret that MMORPG economies are ever-changing, with the value of in-game gold fluctuating as time goes on. Guild Wars 2 has been following a pretty inflationary cycle since its release but has recently started what is arguably a very rare event: the gold has been going through deflation.

Games have to choose one of two things: either have enough gold sinks that players can’t afford anything or allow players to build up their gold as time goes along. The obvious choice for most people is the latter, and it’s the most common method. Just like in the scenario before, what this means is that with every mob killed or quest completed, more gold is being added to the economy. This, by nature, means the value of items has to go up-otherwise a normal player could afford to buy everything there is. It simply isn’t going to happen. It’s true that some items will stabilize at a certain price point, but end-game items are those that are most often seen rising in value since it’s where the main focus of the game is.

For Guild Wars 2’s gold metric, there is one type of item that helps determine what its value is: gems. Gems are tradable via the in-game market and are how players can effectively take part in legal RMT. As such, these are directly correlated to the cash value, and therefore are also related to the prices of goods in-game. The way this market works is pretty simple: as more players buy gems using gold, their price goes up. As more players trade their gems for gold, their price goes down.

This information is unique because it’s extremely rare. Generally, inflation follows games either forever or until they shut down. Having something turn like this is a huge change over the norm, leading to proof that games can turn around and deflate-despite being on a strong inflationary pattern, they can reverse this. And what makes this even more interesting is that while the drop from 24g to 18g may not seem like a lot due to how large the numbers are, they have effectively put the gem prices back where they were around a year ago-all done in just a couple of months!

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