Guild Wars 2: Heart of Thorns’ new guild features won’t leave smaller guilds behind

Guilds are so important to Guild Wars 2 that they put them in the title. Presumably, back in the days when the first Guild Wars was being developed, before they thought about social stuff, it was just called Wars, and that is a terrible name for an MMO.

With a new expansion on the horizon, Heart of Thorns, ArenaNet is introducing a slew of new features for organised groups of adventurers, from fancy things to craft to PvP guild teams. And it doesn’t matter if you’re in a massive, established guild or a wee one with a group of mates, ArenaNet tells us.

With Heart of Thorns, ArenaNet has overhauled the progression with that in mind. So even a tiny 5-person guild, if they are dedicated, will be able to make a guild hall and achieve the same sort of things as the larger guilds, it will just take them a bit longer. And you’ll also be able to bounce around different guilds, helping out even if you’re not a member.

Individuals and other guilds will be able to team up and help small guilds get a leg up. ArenaNet doesn’t want guild halls to split up the community. It’s more of a staging ground, they say; a meeting place where groups can plan things out and go to another destination together, always sticking together. This includes players who aren’t even in the guild.Heart of Thorns launches this year.-Cheap GW2 Gold online sale

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