Inheriting classic stability to win the “guild wars 2” new version “flame journey” evaluation

“Guild Wars 2” (Guild Wars 2) is made by “the father of diablo iii” Mike O ‘Brien led by making an MMORPG, since it was introduced in August 2012, has been widely popular online game players. Compared with the traditional MMORPG, “guild wars 2” in game system on a large number of disruptive innovation, such as dynamic events, the battlefield (WVW), structured PVP, liberalization of trade, jumping, and so on, these systems not only gradually adapt to and accepted by the player, but also by many similar MMORPG reference and imitation.

When Mike O ‘Brien at blizzard has presided over the development of, after forking founded ArenaNet (hereinafter referred to as A club)

On September 22 (dress is October 13), the new version of “guild wars 2” ushered in his “journey” of flame (the Path of the Fire), it inherited the decisive battle Wallace kumar (Heart of Thorns) of a large number of successful design concept, and do a lot of improvement and innovation. As player’s response, there is “journey” of flame is successful, even if the clothes buy price as high as 198 yuan (far more than the former two versions of the selling price), there are still a lot of players for the sake of “faith”.

Vast scenes of relaxed and comfortable journey

Adventure journey “flame” stage is located in the mainland of fruma (crystal desert is the part of fruma mainland), for the old players played the guild wars, there is a place full of memories. Journey “flame”, however, the story took place in the guild wars 1 of A few hundred years later, A club is not going to depend upon the feelings to have A meal, but Iraq, build give A kind of “each New Year flower similar, following years are different” feeling. Though still is the story of the “human killing god”, but the face is no longer fall god burton, but crazy ares to beat Barcelona jersey. We know the lich para, about family, braving the spears of order and the forsaken this race, after hundreds of years of “guild wars 2” in the story also appeared in front of players with different attitude.

Para, some families of fruma mainland implemented high-handedness on Iraq, Iraq, the people have about as god to worship, made after the death of “zombie” even regarded as supreme glory

As the battle Wallace kumar, A club for players also five dimension is extremely huge maps, each A map can play content is original “guild wars 2″ map several times as much. Considering the terrain structure Wallace kumar four figure too complicated (” wind cane abyss “this map, especially the players), Iraq fruma five figure of the basic control greatly simplified – most of the area in 1-2 layer, even complex mountainous area not more than 5 layer, the layer and at ten to exceed kumar four graphics into sharp contrast. As map layers of simplified, players when identify the small map logo also can more easily, as long as one revolution of the near the logo position, again with the help of the mount of special abilities, it is not hard to reach the destination. In four figure Wallace kumar, a lot of places even know in what position does not know how to get, players must memorize the route the map like mazes, exploration to the normal map.

Inheriting classic stability of the guild wars 2 new version flame journey evaluation

Wrapped rattan abyss of corner is (about 1/6 the whole map), the actual map scene is more complicated than what we see now

Compared with four figure Wallace kumar, fruma five figure while the longitudinal simplify the map on the deep level, but from the lateral increased more than twice the area of the map, making maps playable content in essence is not reduced. The increase of map area has a benefit, is to make the player’s field of vision is more open, the vast desert landscape plus indulge his mount, brings relaxed and pleasant mood, and Michael kumar jungle that surrounded by dense forest, let a person the sense of oppression and tension is very different. Wallace kumar four figure, of course, the sort of “crisis, the heart-pounding step by step” difficult experience is also interesting, but it also scared off a lot of new people, and now this kind of rhythm and difficulty, more suitable for most players.

In the mainland of fruma can find many desert cultural elements

Novelty of the mount system free flowing figure running experience

Mount is an important content of “journey” of flame, it follows the “decisive battle Wallace kumar” version of specialization system, require players to accumulate enough experience value, a specified number of specialization, point to unlock all kinds of mounts specialization ability. Considering the specialization in battle Wallace kumar was for players to brush a bit boring, “journey” of flame will be greatly simplified, specialization project currently unlock all specialization ability to only 64 specialization points, and the battle Wallace kumar is 193 specialization point task of terror! Clearly, don’t want players to A club brush experience as the main purpose of the game, but encourages players to focus on the fun of the game itself.

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