Legend of the Red Devils Schmeichel evaluation FIFA18 best lineup: the starting no Manchester United players

Nov. 22 hearing Peter Schmeichel is Manchester United’s true legend in the history of the last 90 years Manchester United rule the English Premier League, the Danish goalkeeper in the Red Devils array, his defensive line to help the team Won five Premier League championships, and in 1999 completed a historic triple crown Albert. ,

That miracle night in Barcelona, ‚Äč‚ÄčSchmeichel has held the European Champions Cup for Manchester United, but for the current Manchester United, Schmeichel did not seem to evaluate too high.

Schmeichel did not choose a current Manchester United player when EA was invited to elect the best 11 players in the FIFA 18 game, but he chose Manchester United right-back Antonio Valencia from the bench. On the bench, Schmeichel has also chosen two players who are also former former club Manchester City, Sergio Aguero and Kevin de Blauone, as well as Bayern Munich goalkeeper Noy Seoul, midfielder Vidal and defender Hu Myers. In addition to Jose Mourinho as coach, Schmeichel’s list no other Manchester United players.

To be fair, Schmeichel may need to make a few responses on the goalkeeper’s side. His starting goalkeeper is not David DeGeya, but his role in the city of Leicester’s son Caspar – Schmeichel.

Small Schmeichel front of the line of defense is by the Paris Saint-Germain wing Weidan – Alves, Italy Zhongwei partner Bonucci and Chiellini and most loved by Chelsea fans Aspili Liquita composition.

Ngoro-Kanter sits in the midfield, two attacking midfielders are Danish core Christian – Erickson and former Manchester United player C Lo. The three men on the front are Messi, Lewandowski and Eden-Azhar.

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