Madden NFL 18 Marshawn lynch ads Microsoft introduced exotic new

The company has just debuted a new commercial for the game, featuring Marshawn Lynch from the Oakland Raiders and his…friend. By friend, we mean his hand, with a pair of eyeballs and a small piece of hair on it, holding a conversation with him. And it seems to have the voice of Jumanji: Welcome To the Jungle actor Kevin Hart – or a damn good soundalike.

We’re in the midst of the NFL playoffs right now, so of course, it makes sense to give a promotional push to Madden NFL 18, because it’s the hot football simulator on the market right now. But Microsoft’s approach to this is a bit on the weird side.

The two are talking about the game when a phone call comes in, and Marshawn’s hand insists that it’s his “fish guy.” When Marshawn asks about who this “fish guy” is, his hand says not to worry about it, since he’s calling from Tokyo anyway. It’s at this point that Marshawn cuts off phone privileges to his hand, and then we see gameplay clips from Madden 18.

It’s…a bit weird. First off, how does a hand get phone privileges? Secondly, how does the hand have such glorious hair? And what does a “fish guy” deliver anyway? Does he actually bring fish to the house, or is he a hook-up for pick-up, or…you know, we’re putting too much thought into this. But we don’t have a “fish guy” and now we’re intrigued.

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