NBA Live 18 Career Mode Allows You To Choose Between Major Leagues Or Streets

Every movement, EA will dominate their hands, basketball is a clear exception. The NBA Live series is not as popular as the NBA 2K game, but EA seems to have stepped up their game in a considerable way this year.

NBA Live 18 has a new story mode called The One, giving players a huge control over what they create. You can even choose whether to pursue career in the NBA, or choose the overlord in the streets.

EA describes the new One mode:

Your path is determined by the choices you make, and you are free to play the people you want, the people you are with, and the respect you earn in the streets as important as the rings you get in the league.

Customize your way from hair to tattoo to kick yourself and express yourself.

Signature ability and skill

Master a power, only you can pull down and make your game mark.

Choose dozens of changes to the characteristics of the game to help the components of the strategy.

Game style
Create the content you want to see by depth customization and the way you want to play. From skill to style, are about you.

NBA Live 18 in this holiday season quickly break the Xbox One and PS4. The One’s presentation will be launched in August of this year.

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