Nintendo Switches Get Different Versions Of FIFA 18

EA Sports using Frostbite Engine to develop FIFA’s second year, we will also see the “Journey” story mode in the next chapter. Both of these are the reasons for optimism for FIFA players unless you plan to play games on the Nintendo switch.

The switch owners are getting different versions of FIFA, and they will not run on the Frostbite Engine, nor will they have Journey mode. In fact, it will not even be called FIFA 18. On the contrary, it is Nintendo switches on FIFA.

This may be a huge impact on the sale of the game on the switch, unless the fans like portability.

There are no other systems that let fans have the opportunity to play their favorite series anytime and anywhere, and we can see from sports gamers such as Hit The Pass “Rich Grisham” that some fans are willing to accept a downgraded version because they will be considered portable asphalt.

The FIFA 18 on the switch is a great thing. So if it is not fully compliant with PS4 / Xbox One version? It is a portable FIFA. It’s wonderful.

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