Seth’Freakin’Rollins get the cover of WWE 2K18

Not many athletes can say that they have the difference between the cover of the video game. This year, athletes such as Tom Brady and Shaquille O’Neal will be under the cover of Madden NFL 18 and NBA 2K18.

When it comes to WWE 2K18, the honor will announce his latest honor at ESPN SportsCenter on Monday morning, join “Kingslayer” and video game enthusiast Seth Rollins.

Robbins will personalize WWE 2K18’s global marketing activities, such as none – inviting players to explore Rollins’ identity, as well as several other WWE superstars, as well as more understanding of the game.

Rollins became the first NXT champion in 2012. He will be the main list of WWE debut in the Survivor series later that year, with WWE superstar Roman ruler and Ambrose executive The Shield. He was twice WWE Champion, US Champion, WWE Tag Team Championship and Mr. Money in the Bank. After defeating Triple H on WrestleMania 33’s WWE’s grandest stage, “Kingslayer” stood up and led to the honor of the video game.

“With the WWE 2K18 cover superstar and franchise ambassador, it’s my incredible honor and mission to make sure that this game will really be like nothing – a phone card perfect for everything I represent – because it’s in its own unique On the road “Seth Rollins said through a press release. “Then in the footsteps of other WWE 2K superstars – Dwayne” Rock “Johnson, John Seine, Stone Cold Steve Austin and Brook Lesner – I now carry the torch proudly represent the new generation WWE Superstar. I am the future and can not stop in the future.

As a video game enthusiast, Rollins spent most of the time playing Madden as a Chicago bear. With his team, he remained undefeated in the Madden game of UpUpDownDown with WWEP compatriots. This year he defeated “The Phenomonal” AJ Styles and his Atlanta Falcon 41-3, continuing his winning streak.

In addition, 2K announced the details of the WWE 2K18 quality product and its release date:

Buying WWE 2K18 Deluxe Edition players can get together in the physical and digital variety of participating retailers, starting on Friday, October 13, four days, the PS4 system and the Xbox One will receive early access to the game copy and game bonus.

WWE 2K18 Deluxe Edition includes the following items:

· Use the Deluxe Edition package for WWE 2K18 video game copy.

· Get ​​season ticket delivery content.

· Get ​​WWE 2K18 pre-order bonus digital content.

· Added WWE 2K18 Collectible Edition Digital Content.

Players who buy WWE 2K18 Collector’s Edition will also receive PS4 and Xbox One game replies and game bonuses four days before Friday, October 13th. WWE 2K18 collection version of the details and the ability to book this version of the game will be launched this summer.

WWE 2K18 will be released on October 17 at the PlayStation 4 computer entertainment system and Xbox One.

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NHL Announced This Week 2017-18 Season

This week’s NHL offseason season, Wednesday night’s awards ceremony and expansion draft, followed by Friday and Saturday amateur drafts.
Well, let’s not forget to release the 2017-18 schedule, because after all, the other tournaments exist because they play the game. As the NHL has done in recent years, the league announced the opening of all teams on Wednesday at 11 am in San Luis on Wednesday, followed by a timetable at 2 pm.

The schedules of the season will vary, with the expansion of the Las Vegas Golden Knight, NHL 31 franchise in the Western Conference also has 15. Seven teams in the central sector will be 26 Division Division. The club will be in the division of the four teams for two home and road races, a series of three home games and two road races, a series of two home games and three road races.

The central department will play three games against all eight Pacific Division. This will include four series with two family games and a road game, four games with a family game and two road games in total for 24 games. The remaining 32 games of 82 games will be made up of each of the 16 league teams in the Eastern Conference.

PRESEASON timetable

The recent release of the Blues preseason has several highlights.

The eight games included confrontation with former coach Ken Hitchcock, as well as neutral sites Belle Vernon, Pa. And Kansas City match.

The plan from September 19 against Dallas Star, now led by the former Blues boss. On September 24th, the blues will be in Belle Vernon, a game called Kraft Hockeyville, a defensive Stanley Cup champion Pittsburgh Penguins. Then on September 28th, the team will meet at the Minnesota Wildlife Park with the Kelvin Sprint Center.

This is the preseason schedule, in addition to Dallas, Pittsburgh and Minnesota will also see the blues face of Columbus and Washington:

Sept. 19: @ Dallas Stars, 7:30 p.m.

Sept. 20: vs. Columbus Blue Jackets, 7 p.m.

Sept. 22: @ Washington Capitals, 6 p.m.

Sept. 23: vs. Dallas Stars, 7 p.m.

Sept. 24: @ Pittsburgh Penguins, TBA

Sept. 26: @ Columbus Blue Jackets, 6 p.m.

Sept. 28: Vs. Minnesota Wild, 7 p.m.

Oct. 1: vs. Washington Capitals, 2 p.m.

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E3 2017: NBA Live 18 Officially Revealed

A new mode called The One will have you select between The Streets, which sees you playing 5-on-5 matches on real-world courts like Venice Beach, or The League, which involves playing in the NBA. Players will be able to upgrade gear including shoes and more.

A free demo for NBA Live 18 will be released in August, and progress from the game will carry over to the final game.

Last year, NBA Live took a year off on consoles, though a new mobile version was released.

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Madden NFL 18 Preview – E3 2017

Since Madden had been able to grab my attention for some time now. Once it was a “it” franchise in motion simulation, Madden has seen some rugged patches in recent years because it lags the biggest trend in that type. The first MLB exhibition stole the spotlight in a profound professional mode, with more nuances and complexity than Madden had done, and then NBA2K re-defined his career model by injecting his own version into a narrative , Make your character a focus of the story of a new star through all this, FIFA in EA sports events usurped the biggest franchise. So what can Madden do to change it? Was it the biggest sporting event to return to it? The easy part of the answer is to continue to improve the game to a more faithful simulation experience. The more complex part is Longshot, which is a new story-based career model, which is a brand new, not just Madden, but sporty.

In my first-hand Madden NFL 18 experience, I played a game between the Minnesota Vikings and the Washington Redskins. Although the basic experience is not completely different, but I noticed that the developers seem to have doubled in a more realistic game. Actually it depends on the type of game you want to play. You can play Madden’s Arcade style, prefer a higher score version of the game, rival version to force the player’s skill to speak, and will eventually customize the game to the real version of the NFL experience simulation version – the last version is what I play, It must be delivered.

Madden 18 feels more rigid in the simulation game version, forcing the player to use real NFL to play call strategy and player technology. If you are too happy, do not get a good reading in the quarterback progress, or play too positive, AI will almost certainly punish you. Fortunately, all aspects of the game this year are a bit interesting.

Soccer is a game about a complete 11-man team running synchronously, so AI is very important, especially to stop. This year in Madden’s blocking feeling much better than before. Playing like a running or wide-screen receiver screen was once a catastrophe and ineffective, but this year they felt more valuable and a clever way to exploit frustrated defenses. The ball also feels good. Madden has dynamically changed their running games a few years ago, and through an open-air cave is still one of the most exciting sensations in the sport. Once in public, rotating around the defender and automatically speaking is very interesting. Trying to get a person in a second defensive feel more difficult than ever before.

As I said before, AI seems to be more synchronized than the previous game, the whole process of attack a bit smooth. But it is hard to follow some of the drama. My biggest problem is when I run a fake end, the camera tracks a longer time than I imagined. Can not see my quarterback, I basically went to a big bag of defense.

While the small changes in the core game are fun, the most exciting part of Madden 18 is easy to be Longshot, which is the new career model. I even hesitated to call it “career mode”; through Telltale games, it’s almost like Madden. The NBA2K in their game in a narrative form of the investigation, Madden and Longshot are a comprehensive game. I can only open the opening moment, but it is interesting to see the real feeling like a singular experience.

We didn’t get to see much beyond the high school days of Devin, but Longshot definitely has my attention. I’m looking forward to playing through Devin’s story and learning more about his journey to the NFL. This might be a return to prominence for Madden.

Madden NFL 18 will be available August 25th on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

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NBA Live 18 Career Mode Allows You To Choose Between Major Leagues Or Streets

Every movement, EA will dominate their hands, basketball is a clear exception. The NBA Live series is not as popular as the NBA 2K game, but EA seems to have stepped up their game in a considerable way this year.

NBA Live 18 has a new story mode called The One, giving players a huge control over what they create. You can even choose whether to pursue career in the NBA, or choose the overlord in the streets.

EA describes the new One mode:

Your path is determined by the choices you make, and you are free to play the people you want, the people you are with, and the respect you earn in the streets as important as the rings you get in the league.

Customize your way from hair to tattoo to kick yourself and express yourself.

Signature ability and skill

Master a power, only you can pull down and make your game mark.

Choose dozens of changes to the characteristics of the game to help the components of the strategy.

Game style
Create the content you want to see by depth customization and the way you want to play. From skill to style, are about you.

NBA Live 18 in this holiday season quickly break the Xbox One and PS4. The One’s presentation will be launched in August of this year.

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Oregon Makes An Appearance In Madden 18’s New Story Mode, But You Can’t Use Them

Over the weekend, EA Sports released a pretty dope trailer unveiling the first ever story mode in the upcoming Madden 18. This is a first for the Madden franchise, following in the footsteps of the insanely popular NBA 2K17 story mode, as well as the story mode in MLB The Show.

The story mode appears to follow the basic plot line of most, starting out as a high school football player, attracting the attention of colleges first, and then, NFL scouts.

And if you’re wondering how Madden can use college teams without getting sued, SB Nation has that answered. Essentially, individual schools can sell their likeness, so Madden is running with that. What Madden can’t do is use player likeness, which was the whole premise of the lawsuit surrounding the NCAA Football franchise.

I don’t buy Madden every year, but this new feature will certainly change that. The story modes are always the most fun, and this one looks pretty in-depth.

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Nintendo Switches Get Different Versions Of FIFA 18

EA Sports using Frostbite Engine to develop FIFA’s second year, we will also see the “Journey” story mode in the next chapter. Both of these are the reasons for optimism for FIFA players unless you plan to play games on the Nintendo switch.

The switch owners are getting different versions of FIFA, and they will not run on the Frostbite Engine, nor will they have Journey mode. In fact, it will not even be called FIFA 18. On the contrary, it is Nintendo switches on FIFA.

This may be a huge impact on the sale of the game on the switch, unless the fans like portability.

There are no other systems that let fans have the opportunity to play their favorite series anytime and anywhere, and we can see from sports gamers such as Hit The Pass “Rich Grisham” that some fans are willing to accept a downgraded version because they will be considered portable asphalt.

The FIFA 18 on the switch is a great thing. So if it is not fully compliant with PS4 / Xbox One version? It is a portable FIFA. It’s wonderful.

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FIFA 16 Gameplay Tips and Changes Guide

Learn what works and what doesn’t in FIFA 16. You’ll read about all the changes in the gameplay in FIFA 16. The graphics look almost the same but the gameplay has changed a lot. Passing is now a lot harder, high through balls don’t work anymore, keepers spill balls and so on.

Chip shots were really difficult in the previous game. In FIFA 16 chip shots are back. It’s a lot easier to chip the goalkeeper.

The balance of the defenders is now more important in FIFA 16. The gameplay has really changed. Especially when clearing the ball with a defender. Normally you just pressed shoot or high pass and the ball was gone. In FIFA 16 when the player is facing his own goal or is out of balance the player has no power. The ball won’t be cleared with power. Try to clear the ball by aiming correctly and take the time to shoot.

Good luck reading this FIFA 16 Gameplay guide. More FIFA 16 game tips, please keep continuous attention to our site.

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Piotr Zielinski FIFA 16 Stats after Liverpool Transfer


If you have been keeping up with the latest Liverpool FC transfer news, you’ll know that one name that has been top of the list this week is Piotr Zielinski to Liverpool.

We always take a look at the rumors and see how they relate to the FIFA 16 world and for those that want to know a little more about the player, we can confirm that the Polish midfielder is on the FUT database.

He has a 71 silver card at the moment, although many players currently believe that EA should have given him a substantial Winter upgrade – however it didn’t happen.

The rumors suggest that the deal has already been completed and will be announced at the end of this week – if it happens, then we expect EA to give him a much higher rating than a 71 by the time the official FIFA 17 ratings are live.

More information, please keep continuous attention to our site. And we have coins to sell, you can buy coins in our site to prepare for the TOTS.

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