Ronda Rousey is a new character in World of Warcraft

Ronda Rousey’s appreciation of nerd culture is well documented. She was a stalwart moderator on a Pokemon message board, she loves Dragon Ball Z and now she has a new feather in her geek cap-an NPC in World of Warcraft.

The next expansion “Legion” will feature “Rhonda,” who is a “Master of San Soo,” according to her title. San Soo is a form of kung fu, and her character can be seen practicing with a polearm against a dummy in the Monk’s class hall. Blizzplanet released video this week showing Rousey, along with several other homages to famous people as Easter Eggs.

Rousey is a World of Warcraft player, so it will be surreal for her to come face-to-face with her digital self.    Buy cheap wow gold

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