Seth’Freakin’Rollins get the cover of WWE 2K18

Not many athletes can say that they have the difference between the cover of the video game. This year, athletes such as Tom Brady and Shaquille O’Neal will be under the cover of Madden NFL 18 and NBA 2K18.

When it comes to WWE 2K18, the honor will announce his latest honor at ESPN SportsCenter on Monday morning, join “Kingslayer” and video game enthusiast Seth Rollins.

Robbins will personalize WWE 2K18’s global marketing activities, such as none – inviting players to explore Rollins’ identity, as well as several other WWE superstars, as well as more understanding of the game.

Rollins became the first NXT champion in 2012. He will be the main list of WWE debut in the Survivor series later that year, with WWE superstar Roman ruler and Ambrose executive The Shield. He was twice WWE Champion, US Champion, WWE Tag Team Championship and Mr. Money in the Bank. After defeating Triple H on WrestleMania 33’s WWE’s grandest stage, “Kingslayer” stood up and led to the honor of the video game.

“With the WWE 2K18 cover superstar and franchise ambassador, it’s my incredible honor and mission to make sure that this game will really be like nothing – a phone card perfect for everything I represent – because it’s in its own unique On the road “Seth Rollins said through a press release. “Then in the footsteps of other WWE 2K superstars – Dwayne” Rock “Johnson, John Seine, Stone Cold Steve Austin and Brook Lesner – I now carry the torch proudly represent the new generation WWE Superstar. I am the future and can not stop in the future.

As a video game enthusiast, Rollins spent most of the time playing Madden as a Chicago bear. With his team, he remained undefeated in the Madden game of UpUpDownDown with WWEP compatriots. This year he defeated “The Phenomonal” AJ Styles and his Atlanta Falcon 41-3, continuing his winning streak.

In addition, 2K announced the details of the WWE 2K18 quality product and its release date:

Buying WWE 2K18 Deluxe Edition players can get together in the physical and digital variety of participating retailers, starting on Friday, October 13, four days, the PS4 system and the Xbox One will receive early access to the game copy and game bonus.

WWE 2K18 Deluxe Edition includes the following items:

· Use the Deluxe Edition package for WWE 2K18 video game copy.

· Get ​​season ticket delivery content.

· Get ​​WWE 2K18 pre-order bonus digital content.

· Added WWE 2K18 Collectible Edition Digital Content.

Players who buy WWE 2K18 Collector’s Edition will also receive PS4 and Xbox One game replies and game bonuses four days before Friday, October 13th. WWE 2K18 collection version of the details and the ability to book this version of the game will be launched this summer.

WWE 2K18 will be released on October 17 at the PlayStation 4 computer entertainment system and Xbox One.

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