The Music of Guild Wars 2’s Living World, Featuring Composer Maclaine Diemer

You created the first new music for Guild Wars 2 since the original Jeremy Soule score. What are some of the ways you stay true to the original music without

sacrificing your own musical desires? Ultimately, how important was the original music when crafting your own tracks?

Jeremy’s music is something I’m always cognizant of when writing my own music. I listen to Jeremy’s music every day in one way or another, and my hope is

that the music I write can hold its own alongside his. He obviously casts such an enormous shadow over the Guild Wars franchise and it’s impossible to ignore

that. When writing music that needs to fit into a sound or mood already established by Jeremy, I try to make sure I don’t deviate too far. If it’s for

something new, like the new Drytop map we’ve introduced in Season 2 of the Living World content, I have a bit more leeway to try some things I might not

otherwise, and that’s very exciting.

Also, I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention that I am not the only person who has contributed new music since the game shipped. One of our game designers, Leif

Chappelle, has contributed several pieces, and a composer named Stan LePard wrote a few early on as well.

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