World of Warcraft Alpha Removes Gold From Garrison Missions

With Warlords of Draenor complete and Legion releasing this summer, World of Warcraft players are either catching up on old goals or managing their garrisons. Garrisons, the polarizing feature added in the latest expansion, may give players a way to manage a small army in menial tasks but the rewards are pronounced if a garrison is set up correctly. Unfortunately, players will no longer be able to make gold through the use of their garrisons once Legion launches.

Right now, players can generate a fair amount of gold with one or many characters that utilize the garrison and its inn, for the Alliance, or tavern, for the Horde. Having this type of building unlocks profitable treasure missions if a certain achievement is earned on the account. After the initial investment of building a garrison to tier three and buying the plans for the building, players start to recoup some of their lost gold through the treasure missions. Not to mention, the inn or tavern also lets players recruit new garrison followers with a Treasure Hunter trait that increases the amount of gold offered from these missions.

Although the feature from Warlords of Draenor is blatantly tedious and often keeps players confined to their own personal instance, garrisons were definitely lucrative. After all, the gold cost to set up a maximum tier garrison was rather substantial for some players and the return from setting up a garrison was paramount to many. Not only could they get their investment back, but the gold offered from the garrison also made the system somewhat bearable if not mandatory for World of Warcraft players looking to earn some gold.

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