World Of Warcraft Class Previews Cover Warlock

Buy cheap wow gold ¬†Blizzard developers continue their coverage of upcoming class changes in World of Warcraft when the sixth expansion launches. The brief previews include a look at each class specialization and a few of their important abilities. Each specialization’s overview also includes an example of a talent specific to each specialization giving a little more insight on what is in store for each specialization in World of Warcraft.

The first class previewed on Tuesday is the demon summoning spellcasters Warlocks. Warlocks of all three specializations in Legion will utilize mana and soul shards. For instance, Destruction Warlocks will no longer manage Burning Embers in favor of keeping the Warlock uniform across all three specializations. Affliction Warlocks will focus on damage-over-time abilities, while Demonology returns to a demon-summoning mastermind rather than a specialization focused on transforming the Warlock itself.

Demonology Warlocks in Legion will be able to summon new Dreadstalkers, call in a number of Wild Imps when using Hand of Gul’dan, and buff their pets often offering them additional haste and health. Knowing when to buff your demon army is paramount, too. Demonic Empowerment will choose to buff the strongest demons first, and the ability makes them stronger for 12 seconds with a 12-second cooldown.

The summoning and shadow damage does not end with the Warlock changes. The World of Warcraft Death Knight is also spreading diseases and summoning ghouls in Legion with a few changes making them a little easier to manage while keeping true to their Lich King origins. Runes will no longer be divided into multiple types and instead Death Knights will manage six identical runes for their abilities.

Finally, the iconic Shaman class is undergoing a number of improvements in Legion. Elemental and Enhancement Shamans will no use Maelstrom as a resource, while the Restoration Shaman will continue to use mana. Multiple Totems from the same nature type can be put down in Legion, elementals summoned from Totems can now follow the Shaman, and Totems will have health based on a percentage of the Shaman’s health. Each of the Shaman’s specializations are detailed briefly in the preview.

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