World of Warcraft Might Finally Come Back

Buy cheap wow gold   Blizzard is on the verge of redeeming its most famous title, World of Warcraft, with the newest expansion that is going to hit in November this year. While many of the game’s features have already been released and discussed, there are still secrets that Blizzard have preferred to share during BlizzCon this year, for obvious reasons. World of Warcraft might finally come back.

The game’s fate has been discussed for many years, especially after the Wrath of The Lich King. Things never felt the same after Arthas was defeated and the game took a rather unexpected turn. Even if Blizzard was able to make a lot of money out of the game, the number of subscribers has gone down, from a maximum of 14 million subscribers registered at the same time, to 5 million subscribers registered this summer.

The release of Warlords of Draenor seemed to bring the game back to life, but only for a short period of time. The lack of an immersive storyline, the decreased value of dungeons and the endless grind have made the game a poor experience for many of its former players, so people left, little by little, until the game remained with a portion of its initial community.

But Legion bring something new to the table, something that can actually help the game bring back and maintain its players. With Legion, World of Warcraft might finally come back. It is not necessarily about the dungeons, which Blizzard promised to make more important, but it might actually be because of the story and its power to keep a player focused and determined.

Ever since Arthas was defeated, people did not feel the same level of “familiar” that they felt in Warcraft III: Reign of Chaos and Frozen Throne. Those two games set a specific atmosphere that people loved. They cherished the characters, the fact that they could empathize with them and that you felt like home in those games. With the Wrath of the Lich King, all of that disappeared.

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