‘World Of Warcraft’ Patch 6.2 Hotfixes Update Includes Savage Whale Shark Issue

“World of Warcraft” released a new “hotfixes” update for the “Fury of Hellfire” 6.2 Patch. These contain information on several issues that have been resolved in the game, such as the Savage Whale Shark, Timewalking and Items issues.

The hotfixes for the “World of Warcraft” 6.2 Patch were released Monday. They includes information about the Vial of Red Goo, Hellfire High Council and the Tanaan Jungle creatures and nonplayer characters (NPCs). Plus, bug fixes for the issues affecting the Rogue Tier-18 Normal armor set, Draenor Siege Engines and Demolishers also are provided.

Some players who are on a mount that is using the flight master at Lion’s Watch or Vol’mar were having issues with dismounting. This issue particularly affects those with mounts who fly to the Throne of Kil’jaeden. This bug has been fixed.The issue with “WoW” players retaining the Well-Rested buff from Leatherworking Tents during a Raid has been resolved.Sometimes, players with combat pets have problems with automatic “re-summoning” after leaving a vehicle. This bug has been fixed. Sometimes, abilities such as Ursol’s Vortex and Binding Shot, which trigger when a target leaves an area, are still triggering its effect even after the ability is long gone. This bug has been resolved.-Cheap wow gold online

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