‘World Of Warcraft’: The Slave Pens Timewalking Details

Blizzard Entertainment’s “World of Warcraft: Warlords of Draenor” has revealed more information about Timewalking as part of its Patch 6.2 “Fury of Hellfire.” This time it’s focused on the Slave Pens Outland, including details about its dungeon map, bosses, reputation and achievements. Read on to learn more.

The Slave Pens Outland is located in the Underbog’s Steamvault in the Coilfang Reservoir of Zangarmarsh. This is where Lady Vashj’s naga and the Broken work to drain the deepest waters of Zangarmarsh.

To learn more about the Slave Pens, including tips on how to defeat enemies in that dungeon, such as the non-boss enemies.

The Timewalking dungeons will be coming to the “World of Warcraft” this weekend. Watch out for the “A Burning Path Through Time” quest. This special weekend-only quest involves five Burning Crusade Timewalking dungeons that must be completed. Players who are able to complete this quest will be awarded a Seal of Inevitable Fate.

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