‘World of WarCraft’ Update: Blizzard Wary on Creating Another MMO Sequel

The famous MMO game “World of WarCraft” has recently given its fans the idea of creating another MMO sequel after they introduced their latest expansion”Legion: World of Warcrafts.” However, Blizzard chose to downplay the rumors citing several reasons why another MMO sequel is not brewing at the moment.

Despite having no particular plans about creating an MMO sequel, Brack assured its fans that Blizzard is still committed in bringing engaging “World of Warcraft” to its fans. Right now, the game’s developer is more concentrated on producing more expansions, in fact, they have been thinking about the next after “Legion: World of WarCrafts.” Blizzard’s seemingly cautious approach to another MMO game may have been because of their previous project named “Project Titan,” which failed to impress its fans and stayed a little while before crashing.

In a related report, iDigital Times said that “World of WarCraft” has immensely lost massive numbers of subscribers, citing at least 50 percent of them have strayed away from the game. Given the numbers, speculations have been surrounding the development of the game and the possibility of being supplemented by the few who remain avid fans of the game. The game has been around for 10 years, and while aged games tend to develop better in time, the lack of new features on “World of WarCrafts” has been cited as the culprit for the game’s slow rise to competition.

Speaking of features, the MMOSITE revealed that “World of WarCrafts” will have Draenor flying in a new patch created within the game. Patch 6.2.2 also has special instructions on how launch the Draenor,take note that before you can get a hand of the Draenor flying, there will be other challenges that will eventually lead you to it. ¬† ¬†Best Wow Gold Seller Online

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